Optus Vision conference visitors tuned in to customer experience

Attendees from businesses big and small, and from a variety of industry sectors, came away with an increased sense of the centrality of customer experience, and the need to apply technology and talent to deliver.
Written by Angus Macaskill, Contributor

The principal insight delegates talked of is the importance of understanding exactly what the customer wants, and the need to use disruptive technologies allied with talented staff and strong culture to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Earlier in the day, speakers like Mark Bouris, executive chairman of financial services outfit Yellow Brick Road, and Matt Pancino, CEO of business services at Suncorp Group, provided real-life examples of the key themes. They and others talked of opportunities to exploit technologies like mobile, cloud and data in the service of customer needs.

For a number of delegates, including Sandeep Baruah, Sales Director at customer engagement software business [24]7, and Jonathan Bent, senior commercial manager at insurance business AMP, a key insight came from Bouris on the theme of being absolutely clear about what your business is doing.  Bouris referenced Wizard Home Loans, and talked of how they saw themselves not in the business of selling home loans, but in the business of selling hopes and dreams.  Understanding the customer's motivations beyond your own product and service is critical to delivering what they want.

Gavin Norman, national IT & innovation manager, customised solutions, a specialised warehousing business in Toll said the day had emphasised how common it now is for customer experience to be central to business success.  To deliver shareholder value you must have leading edge customer experience, says Norman, and he sees IT as an enabler to deliver that.

Click on the image above for the video of ten delegates talking of insights they gleaned from the day.

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