Oracle announces GA of the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

It's the first service based on Oracle's new autonomous database.

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Oracle on Tuesday announced the general availability of the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, the first service based on its new autonomous database.

The Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is built on Oracle Database 18c, the next-gen database Oracle introduced in October in conjunction with an automated cybersecurity system. It uses machine learning to enable fast and simple data warehousing. Oracle says the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is fast enough to guarantee the same workload at half the cost of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

"Everyone knows and gives rightful credit to Amazon for inventing the market of IaaS," said Oracle CTO Larry Ellison in a presentation Tuesday. But Oracle's aim, he said, is "to offer a complete suite of platform services that are at a higher level."

Additionally, the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud provides a secure data warehouse with automatic backup, encryption, and a high availability architecture. Oracle stressed that migration to the cloud is simple because of its compatibility with on-premise databases. It also offers independent, online scaling of compute and storage.

The Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is the first of several Autonomous Database Cloud services Oracle plans to release. Other services in the works include an Autonomous Database for Transaction Processing, an Autonomous NoSQL Database, and an Oracle Autonomous Graph Database for network analysis.