Oracle claims SAP owes $211m in interest

The company is seeking a further $211m on top of the record $1.3bn it was awarded in its copyright infringement case against SAP
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Oracle is asking for additional interest payments from SAP following its successful court case against the software maker, according to a newspaper report on Friday.

The San Jose Mercury News reported that Oracle was seeking an additional $211.7m (£134m) in interest on top of the record $1.3bn it was awarded by a federal jury in its copyright infringement battle with SAP in November. The interest would "fully compensate" the company for the software licences that SAP should have paid for in 2005 and 2006, the company said in its court filing on Friday.

SAP, which is still considering an appeal to the verdict, told Dow Jones: "We don't believe that Oracle is entitled to any additional compensation beyond the final judgement in this case... We are, of course, disappointed by this verdict and will consider all available options."

This story originally appeared as Oracle: SAP owes us an additional $211 million in interest on ZDNet.com.

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