Oracle expands mobile cloud portfolio with new chatbot technology

Oracle said its latest intelligent bot system trains algorithms to better understand a person's intent when interacting with a chatbot.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor on
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Oracle on Monday announced an expansion of its mobile cloud portfolio with new chatbot capabilities.

Oracle first introduced its intelligent chatbot platform a year ago as a way for businesses to build bots that connect with their enterprise software, and to help businesses connect with consumers.

The tech giant is pitching this expanded chatbot technology in much the same way: A user-friendly platform that integrates into existing enterprise applications to help business automate customer conversations at scale.

Powered by natural language processing, Oracle said its latest intelligent bot system trains algorithms to better understand a person's intent when interacting with a chatbot.

Meanwhile, the platform's low-code bot builder tool allows developers to test and deploy bots using an available lifecycle management capability. Developers can also utilize real-time checks to test the bot's dialogue and access analytics for bot adoption, usage, and performance.

The bots can support interactions across a bevy of communication channels, including Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype, and Slack, as well as digital voice assistants from Amazon and Google. Additionally, Oracle said the bot platform provides native and JavaScript SDK to extend mobile and web-based applications with chat and voice capabilities via Apple, Google, or Microsoft.

The Slack partnership in particular is an effort to make it easy for joint customers to be able to access Oracle cloud data and apps from within the Slack interface. The origins of the deal are rooted in the fact that Oracle itself is a large enterprise customer of Slack, with over 30,000 active users.

Additional features Oracle's revamped Mobile Cloud Enterprise include:

  • Access to data allowing businesses to identify areas of friction, funnel traffic and analyze user paths.
  • Bots-to- human hand-offs that will side-route chatbot interactions to a human or external system when needed.
  • Flexibility for developers to select channels, dialog flow design, back end integration, model selection and business logic control


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