Oracle gets its way, finally

A year and a half of rancor, posturing and courtroom testimony comes to an end as PeopleSoft agrees to be acquired by its rival
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

Oracle buys PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft's board has agreed a $10bn takeover deal with Oracle after a year of resisting its advances.
Oracle shaken by PeopleSoft customers' concerns
Oracle has promised to do everything it can to keep PeopleSoft's current customer base happy, saying that the company's customer base was the main reason for its ongoing takeover bid.
The chief has gone, but the battle continues
Does Conway's departure signal the imminent takeover of PeopleSoft, or does the appointment of Duffield show that they're in 'for the long term'?
Oracle judgement spells bad news
A federal judge gave Oracle a boost yesterday in its bid to buy PeopleSoft. The ruling is bad news for the software business and for customers.
Conway v Ellison: It's over
The very public sacking of Craig Conway has surprised the tech sector - and it's denied the industry a chance to see him lock horns with Larry.

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