Oracle, Google CEOs lined up as witnesses in Android IP trial

Both Google and Oracle's CEOs have been named as witnesses by Oracle in its lawsuit over patent and copyright infringement claims surrounding Java and Android.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

The two Larrys of Oracle and Google are heading to court again soon,  but this time they'll be facing a jury.

The long-awaited patent and copyright infringement trial between these two Silicon Valley giants kicked off on Monday morning with jury selection as a first look at the witness list was also published.

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Here's a look at Oracle's current list of its anticipated first ten trial witnesses being prepped to take the stand over the course of the next eight weeks:

1. Bloch, Joshua 2. Cizek, Leo 3. Ellison, Larry 4. Gupta, Vineet (by video) 5. Kurian, Thomas 6. Lee, Bob 7. Page, Larry (live and by video) 8. Reinhold, Mark 9. Screven, Edward 10. Swetland, Brian

Interestingly, this list is evenly divided between current Oracle and Google employees, and it includes at least one former Sun employee from both sides of the case.

Remember, Sun Microsystems -- the force behind Java and original owner of any related patents -- was acquired by Oracle in 2010.

Oracle is suing Google over patent and copyright violations, asserting that Google has been using Java technology on its Android mobile platform illegally. Google reasserts time and again that Sun was a big supporter of Android, and that the programming language was free to use. Oracle obviously disagrees.


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