Oracle, Google far apart on Android talks; Two Larrys to talk again

A federal magistrate judge has a simple plan: Force Larry Page and Larry Ellison to meet until they settle a lawsuit over Android.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Google CEO Larry Page spent a day in court to hammer out an Android settlement, but the two sides appear to be far apart. However, the two Larrys are ordered to be in court again in hopes that they can hammer out a settlement.

According to Bloomberg, Oracle and Google didn't get all that far in their negotiation talks. A federal magistrate judge ordered Oracle and Google to have another negotiation session on Wednesday.

How far apart are the sides? Oracle wants about $6 billion for Java infringements by Android. Google thinks a $100 million settlement is fair.

Both sides are dreaming.

What's unclear is whether Oracle and Google can bridge their Android gap. The court's plan is clear: Force the two Larrys to show up in court until they settle. Settlement talks can continue until Sept. 30. If Oracle and Google don't settle, there's a trial on tap for Oct. 30.


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