Oracle rolls out content management plans

In the next year, company will release new versions of several software products in a category that one executive calls "mission-critical."
Written by Dawn Kawamoto, Contributor
Oracle on Wednesday announced plans to issue new versions of its enterprise content management products over the next 12 months, as it seeks to bolster its presence in an increasingly competitive market.

Oracle, which entered the content management market about three years ago, expects to introduce new releases of its Universal Content Management, Universal Records Management, Information Rights Management, Imaging and Process Management and Content Database suite over the next year.

"In our Information Age, content management software is mission-critical," Dan Ryan, senior vice president of Oracle Content Management Development, said in a statement. "Content management is used to directly build and deploy applications, as well as provide content and content services to other enterprise applications."

Oracle's plans also include releasing its Enterprise Content Management suite in the next 12 months. That suite will include its Imaging and Process Management, Universal Content Management and Universal Records Management products.

Last year, Oracle closed its acquisition of Stellent, a niche player in the content management market. Oracle, as well as industry titans Microsoft, IBM and EMC, have been moving deeper into the field of content management. And relative newcomers such as Salesforce.com are entering the area of Web content management.

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