Oracle to pay Hurd almost $1m a year

Former HP CEO Mark Hurd has been offered $950,000 a year plus a hefty bonus and millions of stock options to become co-president of Oracle
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Oracle will pay new co-president Mark Hurd $950,000 (£612,000) a year with a target bonus of $5m, according to the company's offer letter.

Hurd will also have 10 million stock options and get 5 million more each year for five years, assuming he remains at Oracle, according the offer letter (PDF) filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Hurd was officially announced by Oracle as its new co-president on Monday. On Tuesday, HP filed a civil suit against Hurd over potential misappropriation of trade secrets. Oracle responded to that suit by saying HP was making it impossible to work together in the IT marketplace. Hurd left HP unexpectedly in August after an investigation by the company into allegations of sexual harassment against him.

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