Orange encourages workers to switch off their mobiles

'Time for a bit of work-life balance'
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

'Time for a bit of work-life balance'

Mobile operator Orange is spearheading a coalition advising workers to switch off their mobiles.

The Orange Future Enterprise Coalition, which includes industry groups such as the British Chamber of Commerce and Orange customers including Yorkshire Water, has produced its first whitepaper on mobile working.

The report highlights the question of work-life balance and how mobile workers are finding it increasingly difficult to draw the line between work and personal time when mobile devices put them constantly in reach of colleagues and clients.

An Orange spokesman told silicon.com: "In the days of the always-on environment, it's sometimes necessary for employees to switch off, whether that means stepping aside from their work, or physically switching off [a mobile device] and restoring a bit of work-life balance."

The coalition's report suggests bosses take the lead in telling staff to remember that mobile devices do have an off button.

The report also raises the issues of 'digital rights' and how mobile devices can blur the line between an individual's private property and what belongs to their company.

Mobile workers should take into account questions of liability and ownership, such as who is responsible for mobile communications made outside of work time but on company devices, Orange said.

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