OS Nexus releases QuantaStor storage cloud creator

The software virtualises storage pools on typical 64-bit servers to create public or private storage clouds that are administered using a web-based management interface
Written by Jack Clark, Contributor

New software from OS Nexus will allow 64-bit servers to be repurposed into SAN and NAS multi-tenant storage clouds.

OS Nexus says QuantaStor can be used to create storage clouds — virtual storage arrays — which can then be managed by administrators through a web-based management portal called QuantaStor Manager.

"Administrators and end users can get their new [QuantaStor] storage systems provisioned, running and generating revenue in minutes," said Steve Umbehocker, OS Nexus chief executive, in a statement.

QuantaStor tracks how much storage space and input/output (IO) bandwidth is utilised per storage volume. Every storage cloud has its own Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (Chap) password for security, which extends to individual storage zones.

Umbehocker told ZDNet UK that QuantaStor's multi-tenancy features are usually only found on much higher systems, such as those made by 3Par. In the SAN storage software area, QuantaStor competes with Nexenta, StarWind and Open-e.

The new software is targeted at small businesses and managed service providers that do not want to purchase dedicated SANs and instead want to repurpose servers. OS Nexus recommends QuantaStor for rack-mounted servers with hot-swappable drives.

The starting cost is a one-off fee of £849, which includes 8TB of capacity. Each additional terabyte is £99. There is also a subscription model that costs £349 per year and includes upgrades and maintenance packs.

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