Oscar Mayer offers promotional bacon alarm clock

Oscar Mayer is no stranger to unconventional marketing. The company is now holding a promotion for customers to win a bacon scent diffuser for the iPhone.
Written by David Worthington, Contributor


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Oscar Mayer/YouTube
 Oscar Mayer has made the idiom “wake up and smell the bacon” an actual thing.

The U.S. food product company has created a bacon-scented iPhone alarm clock. There’s just one catch – the hardware that diffuses the bacon aroma is a promotional item that can’t be purchased in stores. The app is a free download.

The Web site references a beta test, so it’s possible that a real product will launch.

The bacon alarm clock is the latest in social media marketing from Oscar Mayer. It held a Twitter contest for a lease of its famed “wienermobile” earlier this year.

Oscar Mayer is part of Kraft Foods Group, and accounts for nearly 20 percent of Kraft’s revenues. Nicholas Meriggioli was Oscar Mayer’s Executive Vice President and President until the position was passed onto executive Sam Rovit in September.

Rovit oversaw the introduction of the company’s Oscar Mayer Selects product line and led the rejuvenation of its Lunchables franchise prior to taking over the top job.

Meriggioli joined the company in 2012 after serving as president of Mondelez International, which spun off Kraft Foods Group in October of 2012 to operate as an independent North American Grocery business. 

See here for a video on the bacon alarm clock:

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