Over 80 percent of iPhones running iOS 14

Despite the bugs and the headaches, adoption of iOS and iPadOS 14 has been strong.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

iOS 14 has had a fair share of problems. Top of the list have been battery and connectivity issues, but also problems related to notifications and making and receiving calls.

But that hasn't stopped more than eight out of ten iPhone users who have an iPhone that was introduced in the last four years from downloading iOS 14.

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According to data collated by Apple, 86 percent of all iPhones introduced in the last four years run iOS 14, with a whopping 80 percent of all iPhones in use running it.

The numbers for the iPad are also pretty similar, with 84 percent of all iPads introduced in the last four years running iPadOS 14, along with 70 percent of all iPads in use.

iOS/iPadOS 14 market share

iOS/iPadOS 14 market share

This adoption rate is not only good from a security point of view -- a huge bulk of the ecosystem is running up-to-date software -- but it's also good for developers because they can leverage new feature of the platform.

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