iOS 14.0.1: The battery and connectivity woes continue

iOS 14.0.1 fixes some things. Breaks other things.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

We're into that period following a major iOS release where Apple starts pushing out updates to fix launch issues. This is what iOS 14.0.1 is. It fixes a bunch of things that were broken in iOS 14, but it also seems to introduce new bugs.

So, on the fix side of things, iOS 14.0.1 was supposed to fix a raft of issues:

OK, those are the listed fixes, what about the new problems?

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There seems to be a lot. Some are unfixes issues from iOS 14, others are brand new problems for users to deal with.

These troubles range from the usual -- poor battery life, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues -- to more exotic issues such as keyboard lag, system instabilities, and widespread widget issues.

Resetting network settings -- go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings -- helps some people experiencing connectivity issues, but for others does nothing other than create the hassle of having to add back devices and networks.

So use this at your peril.

The bottom line is that we're into that messy period at the beginning of an iOS launch where there will be a lot of bugs and fixes and new bugs. I suspect iOS 14.0.2 is not that far away, and that it won't be long until iOS 14.1 is released, likely to be the iOS version that ships on the new iPhones.

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