Overwhelming: 91 percent say SaaS meets expectations

TechRepublic's software as a service (SaaS) survey reveals what companies say about future plans for SaaS usage, which applications are the most popular, and the top providers.
Written by Teena Maddox, Contributor

Companies are moving to the cloud at a fast rate because the benefits for organizations of all sizes can include everything from a lower total cost of ownership to improved security and mobile accessibility.

In February, TechRepublic did an informal online survey to test the current reach of software as a service (SaaS) and the characteristics organizations look for when making a decision to move services from their own datacenters to the cloud.

Research: What Leaders Say About Cloud Capabilities and Limitations reveals that as cloud computing continues to grow, companies implementing SaaS solutions are overwhelmingly pleased with their outcomes, with 91 percent reporting that their SaaS solutions met or exceeded expectations.

TechRepublic Pro Research Survey: Is your SaaS implementation meeting your expectations?
Image: TechRepublic

The survey revealed the pros and cons of an SaaS solution and what organizations say about future plans for SaaS usage. Read the analysis to find out where other companies steered wrong, and what they'd do differently next time. And find out which applications they're using the most often, and the top SaaS providers.

Mobile access is one of the reasons some companies move to the cloud, so respondents told us which mobile operating system they prefer.

TechRepublic Pro Research Survey: Mobile operating system popularity for SaaS vendors
Image: TechRepublic

Respondents also talked about the characteristics they most wanted in a SaaS provider, with performance topping the list, but with many other needs making the list as well.

Our research uncovered the following:

  • Business value of the cloud

  • SaaS penetration

  • Most popular SaaS applications

  • Key SaaS business drivers

  • Most used SaaS vendors

  • Roadblocks to SaaS implementation.

Cloud computing is growing so rapidly it's expected to stay in double digits through 2016. Find out how your company can benefit the most from the cloud.

Download the full Research: What Leaders Say About Cloud Capabilities and Limitations report.

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