OWC partners with Acronis protect your backups from ransomware attacks

The move combines pro-grade backup hardware with AI-enhanced anti-ransomware technology.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

If you're a pro Mac user, you'll likely know the OWC name. OWC has been the go-to place to go for RAM and storage upgrades, or for docks and external storage devices.

Today, OWC announced that it would make Acronis True Image OEM software available on OWC storage solutions that include SoftRAID

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The addition of Acronis True Image OEM will make sure that when users make a backup of their system onto an OWC external storage system, a reliable copy of data is made ready in case it is needed for a speedy recovery.

But making and maintaining a backup means making sure that malware doesn't make it onto the system.

"OWC has partnered with Acronis to bring the number one personal backup software to your workflow along with industry-leading antimalware protection," said Larry O'Connor, CEO and Founder of OWC. "Adding Acronis True Image Technology to our OWC storage solutions is truly amazing. This partnership will tremendously add to our customers feeling their data is safe and protected for years to come."

You also want to make sure that your backup doesn't fall victim to ransomware and cryptojacking. To combat this, Acronis True Image OEM features AI-enhanced anti-ransomware technology, called Acronis Active Protection, which uses behavioral heuristics to be on the lookout for ransomware and cryptojacking attacks in real-time.

The solution is battle-tested, stopping more than 600,000 ransomware attacks last year alone.

Acronis True Image OEM will be shipped with OWC storage solutions on MacSales.com.

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