P&G launches tech innovation center in Brazil

The São Paulo-based facility will start operations next month
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble (P&G) will launch a consumer technology innovation center in Brazil next month.

The facility will be working on research and development to bring more innovative ideas and sustainability to products, packaging and processes. The firm has some 17 such centers in operation worldwide.

Initially, the center will be based at a former P&G administrative building in the São Paulo state town of Louveira. The location was chosen for its proximity to the technology hub of Campinas and its supply of skilled professionals, infrastructure and universities.

The new site will be staffed by 120 people and will also focus on consumer interaction with the projects, through focus groups and virtual reality sessions.

Additionally, the company will be using technologies and devices to perform simulations of weather conditions and production environments for prototype and new process development.

"The company has been undergoing a process of modernization in recent years and is now taking a new step into the future," says Alberto Carvalho, president at P&G Brasil.

"We will be even more focused on our purpose, which is to improve people's lives through innovation."

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