Pacific Internet, GohDirect to promote online financial services

Singapore, 20 January 2000 - Pacific Internet (NASDAQ: PCNTF) and GohDirect PteLtd, a subsidiary of SGX-listed G. K.
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Singapore, 20 January 2000 - Pacific Internet (NASDAQ: PCNTF) and GohDirect Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of SGX-listed G. K. Goh Holdings Limited (SGX: G41), have teamed up to boost the popularity of online financial services.

Apart from Internet share trading facilities offered by the G. K. Goh group, the other real-time services include 'live' stock quotes and equity analysis for regional stocks. Both companies intend to make these services available to users of a co-branded website on the Pacfusion.com portal by March 2000.

This is the first alliance in Singapore between an Internet Service Provider and a stockbroker to promote and offer access to online financial services. Said Mr. Larry Ang, PI's Group General Manager in charge of e-Business: "Since both Pacfusion.Com and GohDirect are aimed at regional services, this strategic partnership is unique and fully synergistic."

The alliance between Pacific Internet and GohDirect will enable Internet users to leverage on the proprietary GohDirect online trading system to execute real-time equity trades via the Pacfusion.com portal. The system will also give users an online status update within minutes after the execution of each trade.

Pacific Internet and GohDirect intend to offer Internet access to financial services initially in Singapore and, within a short period, to other Asian countries. The partnership is expected to boost the revenue and membership numbers for both Pacific Internet and GohDirect. Both parties will also earn revenue from advertising on the co-branded stock-trading website.

Under the terms of the alliance, the co-branded web site will provide Pacfusion.com users with access to the following suite of online financial services:

Commentary - Offers commentary on market and macroeconomic trends and industry sectors; technical and fundamental analysis

Stock quotes - Gives access to latest stock quotes

Interactive Chart Analysis - Provides user friendly intra-day and historical charts for stocks, indices, and currencies

Portfolio Tracker - Creates multiple portfolios that track long and short positions; computes stock splits; keeps track of all events related to the portfolio; sends email summarizing the day's performance of specified stocks and a list of news relevant to the portfolio

IPO Monitor - Includes a calendar of companies expected to go public within two working weeks, pricing information and profiles with important background information about the company, its management team, products and financing plans

Company Profiles - Includes financial statements, such as income, balance sheet and cash flow statements of listed companies

Pacific Internet has been actively tying up with major regional content and service providers for Pacfusion.com, including ZDNetAsia.

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