palmsolo appears on PalmCast Episode 99

I was excited to join Dieter and Derek on the latest episode of the PalmCast to talk about all things related to the Palm webOS. With my new Palm Pre Plus in hand I was able to learn quite a bit and offer my opinions on the topics discussed.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Regular readers may know that I have been using Palm devices since 1997 and this week Dieter and Derek invited me to join them on PalmCast Episode 99. I recently picked up my own Verizon Palm Pre Plus and that was just one of a number of topics covered in the show.

Here is a list of what we talked about so please head on over and listen to the show:

  • Facebook for webOS Updated! Video and Gallery
  • Eating their own dog food: Palm Developer Relations team builds the new Facebook app
  • Paid apps to finally go international by end of March?
  • Palm to demo porting iPhone games to webOS 'in a matter of days' at GDC?
  • Qt app platform up and running on Palm Pre
  • webOS 1.4 Arrives for Telcel Mexico / and bugs
  • Verizon drops mail-in rebate on Pre Plus, Pixi Plus
  • 3rd party sites drop Verizon Palm Pre Plus to $39.99 / VZ Employees pushing Droid
  • Rumor: Palm Elan - Mystery AT&T webOS Smartphone? (Update: or perhaps just the Pixi)
  • Matt's Palm Pre history and current thoughts

I may appear on a future show as I continue to use my Pre Plus and get into the webOS experience.

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