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The best Windows and Mac utility toolkit gets even better

Parallels Toolbox for Windows and Mac gets an upgrade to become even better.

There are a few apps and utilities that I use almost daily, and one of those is Parallels Toolbox. It doesn't matter whether I'm on my Mac or on a PC, this suite, which consists of dozens of time-saving tools (the number varied depending on whether you're running it on Windows 10 or MacOS), has become one of my go-to tools for boosting productivity and getting stuff done.

Whether it's resizing images, capturing videos, making screenshots, or cleaning my drive or junk, Parallels Toolbox has the right tool for the job.

And today sees the toolkit getting an upgrade to Parallels Toolbox 5.0.

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Several new features have been added. Coming to both Windows and Mac are the following:

  • Barcode Reader: Create your own barcodes
  • Barcode Generator: Use the camera to read a broad variety of barcodes
  • Recognize Text: Convert text in images to text you can edit

New tools specific to the Mac platform are:

  • Focus on Window: Dim all the other windows to reduce distraction
  • Transform Text: Change the case of any text

There's a new feature for Windows users too:

  • Measure Color: A color eyedropper that allows you to read any color on your display


Parallels Toolbox 5.0 for Windows and Mac are available today as standalone products. Each annual license includes free updates of new and enhanced tools as they become available over the year, and costs $19.99 per year.