Paris airports release new real-time updates and app

PARIS -- Airports revamp sullied image by introducing new real-time communications services and application to help travelers in transit
Written by Bryan Pirolli, Correspondent (Paris)

PARIS – Airports in the French capital have just launched a new app and website feature called Aéroports de Paris Live! to give travelers the most up to date information possible during their journey.  The service offers real-time news from both Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports alongside practical information to streamline the traveling experience in two of Europe’s busiest transportation hubs

After Charles de Gaulle was named the world’s most hated airport by CNN earlier this month, it comes as no surprise that the airports have been revamping their communications efforts.  Confusion both in the terminal and outside, including taxi fares and train transportation into Paris have often left travelers in the dark while visiting the City of Light.  The Live! service is a focused and comprehensive answer to frustrated tourists in Paris’ airports.

The Live! feature offers clear and concise information on everything from interactive terminal maps to real-time traffic reports between Paris and the airports.  The website offers information in both English and French while the free iPhone application, called My Airport, is only available in French for the moment.

The new feature is useful for anyone heading to or from either of Paris's two largest airports.  Working with tourists on a regular basis, owner of Savoir Faire concierge service Sasha Levenson-Wahl thinks that the new service will be especially useful for foreign travelers.  Even the simplest information, like taxi and train fares, is not readily available, she said.  “You see all these lost tourists around not knowing where they’re going and I guess someone realized that this is information that no one has and it’s not easy to find at the airport,” she said.

The app allows travelers to stay informed about everything from the minute their plane lands to the moment they arrive in Paris's city center.  Delays, terminal changes, traffic jams, and even baggage recuperation waiting times are all available.

Levenson-Wahl finds the centralized information extremely useful for both her and her clients, especially the real-time updates and transportation details.  “After you get off an eight hour flight the last thing you want to worry about where you are going,” she said.

Updates appear on the site www.adp.fr, on the app, on Twitter (@AeroportsParis), on screens throughout airport terminals, and through a phone service.  The challenge now will be to see if the Aéroports de Paris can maintain the service as information evolves.

Photo: ADP.fr

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