PayPal Payments opens up more channels for small businesses

PayPal has introduced a new platform that offers small businesses many more options when it comes to how they accept payments from their customers.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

PayPal continues to roll out new solutions for small businesses, including today's introduction of PayPal Payments.

The overall idea behind PayPal Payments is to offer SMBs some more wiggle room and options for payment methods. All online payments and checkout options are touted to be 100 percent end-to-end PCI compliant for accepting credit cards and PayPal transfers.

PayPal is offering three shopping options to SMB customers, ranging from free to $30 per month. All of the tiers are promised to provide a full suite of payment solutions for online, offline, and multi-channel businesses.

The free subscription actually gets you quite a bit with support for nearly all payment methods, including via PayPal online, accepting checks using the camera on a mobile phone, and the new PayPal Here card reader module.

The latter has proved to be quite popular with small businesses from the get-go since being announced last month. The service already signed up 1,000 new members per hour during the first 24 hours of availability alone.

After that, for $5 per month, customers can enable a more direct payment method on their retail websites. For $30, SMB customers can accept credit cards via phone, fax, and mail as well as have some design control over their checkout pages.


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