PB-NEC cuts 133MHz Versa notebook prices

Packard-Bell NEC today followed the welcome trend in notebook price cuts and slashed prices on its 133MHz Pentium-based Versa range by up to 18 per cent.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The Versa 6030X, with 16Mb RAM, 1.44Gb hard drive, six-speed CD-ROM and 12.1-inch TFT screen, has fallen from £4,300 + VAT to £3,500. The 6030H model has dropped from £3,300 + VAT to £3,000 + VAT, and the 4240H from £2,200 + VAT to £2,000 + VAT.

Packard Bell NEC can be contacted by telephone on 01753-831944.

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