PC Expo: Net apps and wireless

You've got Internet access
Written by John Morris, Contributor

That will be the pitch from Gateway and AOL, which will be demonstrating Net appliances that use Transmeta's Crusoe processor, Mobile Linux OS, and the Netscape Gecko browser. Dubbed Instant AOL, these devices are part of the AOL Anywhere strategy to expand the service beyond the PC. S3 has also committed to making a Transmeta-based Internet appliance.

  • First International Computer, a Taiwan-based computer-maker, will be demonstrating an Internet appliance called the Aqua Web Pad, though details of the device are sketchy.
  • Fresh from the launch of their new wireless service for the Internet and email on the Palm V, OmniSky will announce a new modem that will expand the service to the Handspring Visor using its Springboard slot.
  • Similarly, Glenayre will demonstrate its @ctiveLink Springboard module for wireless email, Internet access, and synchronisation of Microsoft Outlook data on the Visor.
  • Palm has already announced its intentions to expand wireless connectivity, currently only integrated in the Palm VII, across its entire product line by year end, but whether they will show any progress on that front at PC Expo is unknown at this point.
  • The PC gave birth to the Internet. Now junior is leaving home, and it's nowhere more obvious than at PC Expo, where PCs are the last thing you'll find. Click to learn which gizmos will leave your PC keyboard gathering dust. Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment from Jesse Berst.

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