PC Healthcheck horrors

PC World's Healthcheck Clinics uncover some unsettling stories
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

A severed finger is just one the seriously bizarre objects that British computer users have inserted into their PCs over the last year or so, according to information from PC World.

The computer retailer has revealed the 10 most bizarre things it has found inside customers' PCs when performing maintenance at its PC Healthcheck Clinics. These items also include, curiously enough, a mouse, some love letters and a chicken's wishbone.

The finger was severed by a customer replacing a graphics card when the casing, loaded with a heavy monitor, slammed shut. Ouch!

One customer even misinterpreted a request to enter credit card details at a Web site and inserted their card into their computer's floppy drive.

As for the chicken bone, that had been inserted by one ingenious user into the machine's Central Processing Unit (CPU) in order to stop it from crashing.

The mouse had apparently climbed into a PC through an empty card slot in order to keep warm, but was then grimly entombed by the computer's owner and perhaps was even electrocuted to death.

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