Pegasystems aims to give sales people personalized coaching via AI

Pega Sales Coach is an AI-powered tool to help managers train and motivate sales people.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

If enterprise software companies have their way artificial intelligence will ultimately become the coach for your sales people.

Pegasystems on Tuesday launched Pega Sales Coach, an AI tool within Pega Sales Automation, that aims to help managers train sales people and predict their success.

Think of Pega Sales Coach as a fitness trainer for sales. Pegasystems' AI offers personalized coaching in real-time to help managers prod their sales army to hit quotas.

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Pega Sales Coach joins other efforts to make sales people better at things like pricing and discounting and providing insights to close deals. Pegasystems' goal is to put some science behind the art of sales to go behind basic actions to focus on why a deal happens (or doesn't) and how to improve.

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According to Pegasystems, Pega Sales coach does the following:

  • Evaluates a seller's performance by analyzing more than 50 distinct actions a rep take each days.
  • The software alerts managers to underperformers and generates coaching tips.
  • Creates dashboards to track performance, coaching plans and quotas.
  • Analytics to predict the likelihood of a seller to be successful in as little as three months.

Here's a look at a few screen shots:


Pega Sales Coach is standard in the new release of Pega Sales Automation, which offers workforce intelligence, sales content and AI-based lead ranking.




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