PeopleSoft to deliver financial control solution

PeopleSoft partnership to deliver internet-based financial control solution. Find out which company PeopleSoft decided to pair up with...
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SINGAPORE - PeopleSoft Inc. (Nasdaq: PSFT) and Financial Technologies International Inc. (FTI) are partnering to deliver financial institutions an enterprise-wide software solution for managing securities.

The unique, next-generation solution provides customers access to customised, analytic data via the internet and enables them to measure and manage profitability and risk. PeopleSoft provides eBusiness applications, and FTI is a provider of real-time business information platforms.

The PeopleSoft and FTI solution allows organisations to monitor and consolidate securities positions and balances. Financial services employees will benefit from a single source of access to information for reporting, analysis, daily profit and loss statements for improved operational efficiencies and financial control.

This initiative will combine PeopleSoft Financials with FTI's streetledger to streamline transactions across all lines of business and distribute customised information to its users.

"This partnership is a natural match," said Christine Ingold, Vice President, PeopleSoft Global Financial Services. "PeopleSoft's eBusiness applications integrated with FTI's real-time accounting solution provides our customers with the ability to effectively manage their operations and utilise strategic information to drive business strategies and results."

"FTI's comprehensive real-time information capabilities combined with PeopleSoft Financial applications provides a powerful financial control solution that can competitively meet the critical demands of today's financial services market," said Predrag Dizdarevic, FTI's President and Chief Executive Officer. "This partnership will empower the financial services industry with time-critical information for time-critical decisions."

About Financial Technologies International

Financial Technologies International (FTI) is a provider of real-time information solutions for the financial services industry. FTI's "street" solutions comprehensively address the industry challenges faced by today's financial services providers such as e-commerce, T+1 settlement, decimalisation and true global straight-through processing.

About PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft is a provider of eBusiness applications that enable people - customers, employees, and suppliers - to power the internet. PeopleSoft's pure internet CRM, SCM and Enterprise Management solutions provide the industry's most open and flexible eCommerce platform.

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