Peppers and Rogers Group enter Asia

Peppers and Rogers Group specializing in one-to-one CRM is establishing its first Asian office in Singapore.
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Leading management consultancy to introduce one-to-one marketing in Asia

SINGAPORE, 3 August 2000 - Peppers and Rogers Group, the global management consulting firm specialising in one-to-one Customer Relationship Management (CRM), announces the establishment of its first Asian office in Singapore. Its key mission is to retain customers, ensure repeat sales and sell more frequently.

Peppers and Rogers Group provides thought leadership, training and consulting services that help clients re-think and re-engineer their sales and marketing processes, which result in increased customer loyalty, increased profit margins, and maximised share of customer.

Increased corporate competition for a greater share of the consumer market and profitability has led to the concept of one-to-one marketing taking off world-wide, especially in Europe and North America, in the last decade. Interest and focus on CRM has spread to Asia in the past one year, as businesses begin to realise the importance of retaining customers.

Seven people, including two seasoned consultants, will staff the office initially. Sherman Ong, an IT and business consulting professional with more than 16 years experience in the aerospace and defence, and the electronics industry, has been appointed as the President and CEO of Peppers and Rogers Group, Asia. Ong believes that while CRM is much discussed in this region, it is not being practised adequately and properly.

The one-to-one strategy advocated by Peppers and Rogers Group is based on a bedrock concept: treat different customers differently.

Peppers and Rogers Group's experience includes strategic consulting and organisational development for multinational organisations such as 3M, Ford Motor Company, Xerox, Unilever, British Airways, American Express and Singapore Airlines, Peppers and Rogers Group has designed and successfully developed CRM strategies.

About Peppers and Rogers Group
Based in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, Peppers and Rogers Group is an international management consulting firm specialising in CRM and e-business strategies. Founded in 1993 by critically acclaimed authors, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. and Bob Dorf, the firm's president.

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