Peter Bohlin designs first Apple store in Philadelphia

Apple tapped architect Peter Bohlin, designer of Apple's iconic 5th Ave. store, to design its first Philadelphia location.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

An article at Philly.com profiles noted Pennsylvania architect Peter Bohlin who was commissioned to design the first Apple Store to open in Philadelphia.

The new Philadelphia Apple Store at 1609 Walnut Street, site of the former Brasserie Perrier restaurant and a bank before that, will open some time in July 2010.

Bohlin also designed Apple's iconic 5th Avenue store, a.k.a. "the cube."

Barely four years after Apple opened the store in the basement of the General Motors tower, Bohlin's ethereal one-story structure - a glorified vestibule, really - has become a must-see attraction as well as Apple's highest-grossing location. According to Cornell University scientists who analyzed 35 million Flickr images, the Cube is the fifth-most-photographed building in New York, the 28th worldwide.

The Philadelphia Apple store has been rumored since as early as 2004 and was confirmed in December 2009.

The last picture in the article's photo gallery (pictured above) is a rendering of what the new Philadelphia Apple store will look like.

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