Peter provides seven thoughts on Windows Phone 7

I have a lot of respect for Peter Rojas, GDGT, and appreciate his seven thoughts on Windows Phone 7. Marketing seems to be the area where Microsoft needs to focus now, do you agree?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

There has been a LOT of coverage of Windows Phone 7 this week and a person I respect greatly in the mobile space, Peter Rojas, posted his seven thoughts on Windows Phone 7. Peter makes some good points and confirms those many of us have been saying about Windows Phone 7. I agree wholeheartedly with point 6, marketing, and think this is where Microsoft has been extremely weak in the past and MUST get it right this time to succeed.

The Zune HD is a wonderful product, but no one know about it or the value benefits of their current subscription/ownership model. Microsoft never marketed Windows Mobile in the past and left it up to carriers and manufacturers to try to tell the story, which was never told in a way that attracted buyers. We know Microsoft has the ability to get it right like they do with the Xbox so they need to do the same thing here with Windows Phone 7. It should be easier for them now that they have learned some lessons and applied a lot more control over the OS as the experience will now be consistent across the device spectrum.

Microsoft has an operating system that just about everyone who has used it so far appreciates and enjoys for the most part so now they need to get out there and tell the story and sell it to consumers. Do you have any additional points to add to Peter's thoughts?

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