PicoPro: Take your pitch on the road

The promise of pico projectors making presentations on the go has not panned out, until now.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
Many road warriors long tolerated traveling with a bulky projector to give presentations on the road. Then pico projectors started appearing, tiny mobile projectors that promised to do the same job as those behemoths.
(Image: Celluon)

Unfortunately, pico projectors have never fulfilled the business traveler's dream of replacing the standard projector. Pico projectors have largely failed to deliver large, sharp images to project onto a screen.

At CES this year Celluon showed a pico projector that looked to finally do what others had failed to accomplish. The PicoPro uses lasers instead of standard LEDs to project presentations from a laptop or other mobile device onto the big screen. Using lasers provides a contrast of 80,000 to 1 according to the company, compared to 2,000 to 1 from other pico projectors.

The PicoPro will be available soon and reviews are favorable. The tiny gadget that fits in the hand projects sharp images viewable even in lighted rooms. The quality is not only good for typical presentations but handles HD video (1920 X 720p at 16:9 wide screen).

The rechargable gadget can play for two hours wirelessly on a charge of the battery, or longer than three hours when wired to HDMI. That's pretty good for a device that is only 6.7 ounces.

When the PicoPro goes on sale soon it will be available in several configurations starting at $350.

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