Pics of the 3G Treo 750 appear online

The Palm Treo "Lennon" is now being called the Treo 750. This Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition device will run on the Cingular 3G high speed UMTS and/or HSDPA network being rolled out right now. Where is T-Mobile in the wireless broadband race?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I recently posted a photo of the Palm Treo Nitro that runs the Palm OS and now pics of the Treo Lennon, Windows Mobile version, are online with the name of the device, the Palm Treo 750. Palm Addicts posted a collection of links to various sites discussing the upcoming Treo 750 that looks like it will be launched on the Cingular Wireless network. Engadget has a person named The Boy Genius that keeps on getting some exclusive information and photos of devices and has the first photos of the Treo 750 with the Cingular logo. The device apparently will run Windows Mobile with UMTS and HSDPA 3G wireless data support.

While I am trying out a Sprint PPC-6700 on their EVDO network, I am now thinking of maybe trying out Cingular since the flexibility of owning GSM devices with SIM cards is very compelling. Cingular seems to be making great strides in launching their UMTS and HSDPA networks, while T-Mobile is quite silent on their 3G rollout. It looks like we'll have plenty of choice this holiday season for 3G wireless devices on Cingular, Verizon, and Sprint.

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