Please Welcome Yet Another Guy With a Beard

ZDNet is starting to look like a bit of a Rabbinical convention with a pretty solid collection of guys with beards.
Written by Jason Perlow, Senior Contributing Writer

ZDNet's new Five Nines: The Next Generation Datacenter blogger, David Chernicoff.

ZDNet is starting to look like a bit of a Rabbinical convention with a pretty solid collection of guys with beards.

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Let's see. We've got David Morgenstern, our resident Mac expert, and Dana Blankenhorn, our Open Source and Healthcare hippie. We got Christopher Dawson, our scruffy Education IT and now part-time Google blogger. Not to mention Dennis Howlett, Enterprise Software snark-meister extraordinaire.

Our web expert Andrew Mager looks like he needs a bit of a trim, and associate editorAndrew Nusca has a constant five o'clock shadow, plus I really wish he would tie his damn necktie properly. Hairy Zack Whittaker doesn't really count as bearded because he's still in puberty.

David Greenfield, our team collaboration blogger has just about the most evil-looking blog profile photo I've ever seen, like he's masterminding some sort of diabolical plan.

We've also got Mobile Gadgeteer Joel Evans, and PC Hardware expert Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, both with great looking "Mirror Mirror" Spock goatees. And last, but not least, there is myself, who is "shorn" whenever my wife says I'm growing peyot and birds are making their nests in my beard.

Well, we have another bearded one to add to our roster. I'd like to welcome David Chernicoff, our new Next Generation Datacenter blogger to ZDNet.

ZDNet EIC Larry Dignan (no beard) approached me with the idea of doing a blog about data centers, Mid-Range and Big Iron systems a while ago, and asked me who might fit the bill.

I certainly couldn't do it, since it would be a conflict of interest for me to write about the subject as it pertains to strategies, products and service portfolios that originate from the company I work full-time for (IBM) and also its competitors. Not to mention what this prospective columnist would cover is what I actually do for a living. I usually prefer not to mix my business with pleasure, so we had to get someone else, and someone really good.

It has been a long search, but I should have thought about David a long time ago. I've been reading his works ever since he started writing for Penton Media's Windows NT Magazine in the late 1990's (which eventually evolved into Windows IT Pro) as well as for Ziff-Davis' Windows Sources and PC WEEK. He is, if you ask anyone in the profession, one of the sharpest and most experienced technology writers in the business. When I grow up, I want to be David Chernicoff.

David has also recently written an ebook on Data Center Energy Efficiency and has written white papers on application fail-over and automating system reliability.

I've really been looking forward to having him join our Band of Bearded Ones. I hope those of you looking to read up on the latest data center and Mid-Range/Big Iron trends will watch his blog closely.

Update: Shortly after this article was written, we also added David Gewirtz, our new ZDNet Government Blogger. YET ANOTHER GUY WITH A BEARD. Do we see a pattern here? Yes we do.

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