PocketBible for iPad now available in the App Store

Laridian's PocketBible for iPad is now available in the App Store and as a long time user of PocketBible on my Palm OS and Pocket PC devices I couldn't be happier. The Apple iPad is arguable the best electronic Bible study tool now available.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I debated about buying an iPad for a while before having a good chat with my friend Dan Cohen from Gear Diary who talked about how good the iPad would be for reading the Bible. I have not been disappointed with the iPad for this purpose as I wrote about when taking a look at various Bible apps and Olive Tree Bible Reader. I was very pleased to read the latest Laridian blog post stating that PocketBible for iPad (iTunes link) was approved by Apple for the App Store. I immediately went to the App Store and found version 1.3.3 available as a free download.

I then simply entered my Laridian username and password to gain access to my Laridian library and downloaded several Bible translations, dictionaries, devotionals, and other books to read and study. I have spent a couple of hours with this new Bible application and think I may actually have found software that tops my favorite Olive Tree Bible Reader software. I love the ability to have five panels open at once on the iPad and find it to be quick and responsive. I can't seem to find a way to hide the left side toolbar in landscape mode and would love to see a way to easily send my sermon notes to Evernote. I have been using my smartphones in church for capturing sermon notes, but with all of this amazing capability my iPad may soon find itself sitting with me in church.

I plan to post a full review of Laridian PocketBible for the iPad this weekend so stay tuned for more details and feel free to find and download it to your iPad now.

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