Podio mobile app enables users to build own productivity apps

Podio has release a new app for the iPhone that enables users to build their own social, work-related applications.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

As social media becomes more integrated into the workplace, there might not be enough apps to meet all employee demands just yet.

However, amateur developers and even non-developers can get around this and create for themselves and their work teams using a new platform from Podio, a startup that focuses on letting users build customized productivity apps for their work roles.

Podio's CEO Tommy Ahlers explained in a statement:

Our users have created and modified over 200,000 apps since our launch in March. They've created apps for virtually every industry, every function, and every type of organization. Now, our users can use these apps anywhere, and create thousands of new apps to support mobile productivity.

Essentially, it's a four-step process towards achieving the final product. Users build the apps on Podio, and then any of them should be supported on the iPhone. Then users can post and share files (including video and photos), which then pop up in the social media feeds of those people that the creators choose to share the apps with.

One example that Podio reps provided was a swimming pool cleaning company based in Kuwait. Employees at that business built their own apps without the help of an IT department to track a variety of information, including the pools they've been cleaning (i.e. depth and pH balance) as well as supply counts in each van. Because these crews are not in front of computers often, it makes more sense to have access to all of these necessary applications while on the road.

Interested customers can head to the iTunes App Store to download the app for free now. From there, the apps made using Podio's mobile app can be then shared with up to 10 users for free. Beyond that, the rate is $4 per user per month.

Podio does have an interest in expanding beyond the iPhone to the iPad and Android devices in the future. There is a different Podio app already available for Android, and as for tablets, Podio reps said they are more focused on pocket-sized devices first.

For a closer look at Podio's mobile app, check out the promo video below.


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