Poly partners with CLIPr to address Zoom fatigue

CLIPr uses AI and machine learning to make videos searchable.
Written by Jonathan Greig, Contributor

Video conferencing corporation Poly has announced a new partnership with video analysis platform CLIPr that will make them an investor, partner and customer of the company. 

In a company statement, Poly said it will initially use the platform "internally for its own recorded video assets, including global sales meetings." Poly will also offer CLIPr to its own customer base as an extension of their audio and video solutions.

CLIPr said it uses AI and machine learning "to index video content to help people save time and reduce video fatigue." 

Poly will be incorporating CLIPr's VAM platform as a way to increase productivity, and the platform will help "manage and extract important moments of recorded video content" that will be searchable and interactive.

"Recorded videos are processed by CLIPr's machine learning algorithms, which analyze audio and visual cues using natural language processing and emotion detection to index the most important topics and moments in each video," the companies said in a statement. 

Beau Wilder, vice president and general manager of video collaboration at Poly, said CLIPr "will increase productivity by improving the way people consume and recall remote meetings, as well as extend the value of virtual conferencing content for event organizers."

"We see the value CLIPr provides customers, especially given the explosion of video content in the marketplace, as businesses change the way they conduct meetings post-pandemic," Wilder said.

Virtual meetings became the primary mode of workplace communication for millions of people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and many organizations are planning to continue using video tools in the future. 

CLIPr CEO Humphrey Chen said he is excited to work with Poly on other use cases for their technology. 

"Essentially, CLIPr puts the power to see and hear at scale directly in the hands of the workers which we believe helps enterprises solve one of the most time consuming and daunting tasks of the remote and hybrid work era," Chen added.

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