Poor Apple can't seem to catch a break

This week we have three pieces of news that almost make me feel sorry for the company.
Written by David Gewirtz, Senior Contributing Editor

Most readers know that I tend to pick on Apple. Heck, I've even pretty much reserved Tuesday each week as the day I try to see if I can make little fanbois' heads spin. This week, however, we have three pieces of news (two that even happen to be government-related) that almost make me feel sorry for the company. Almost.

First, Sam Diaz reported on an unconfirmed report that hackers are breaking into iPhones simply by virtue of users downloading a PDF file.

Next up, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes wrote a nice piece about how easy it is to jailbreak your iPhone. Now that it's officially legal to do so, there's even a Web-based application that makes the task almost ridiculously easy.

Next up, the fine folks at Wired are reporting their suspicions that the FTC is in the middle of an investigation into Apple, primarily because of Apple's effective screwing of Adobe over the whole CS5 Flash thing.

You have to give Wired kudos for ballsy statements, because their proof that the FTC is conducting this investigation is that they couldn't get any information on an FTC investigation. Wired is probably right, but still, making your case that something's happening simply because you can't see something happening is, well, pretty much as convoluted as anything you'd expect to come out of Washington.

And all of that is on top of the whole iPhone 4 antenna mess. Poor Apple. They just can't seem to catch a break.

Don't worry, kids. I'll pick on Apple and you fanboys again soon. Remember, Tuesday rolls around every seven days or so. This time, though, let's use the TalkBack section below to write "I hope things get better soon" notes to Steve Jobs and the nice people who work in Cupertino.

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