PostPost helps you harvest some value out of those you follow on Twitter

PostPost helps you sort through the valued content of those that you chose to follow. Social search, without the noise.
Written by Robin Harris, Contributor

We all know it can be tough to sift through Twitter to find value. Even with hashtags and our ability to create lists, if you follow more than 100 people it can get hard to keep your valued channels clean. It's even harder to look back and find that one tweet or conversation you were having but forgot to mark as a favorite.

PostPost (Postpo.st) helps you do just that. They make it easy to go back and check out your own personal search history, old conversations with your friends, and who RT'd your posts the new school way (where your Twitter name is not present in the tweet). I discovered tweets about my own blog posts and content that I didn't even know had happened and was able to go back and thank some peeps for the link love.


You can also sort through tweets based on the content type in the tweets. For example, you can look only at tweets that contain links to other pages, or filter your tweets to only view those with photos. It's not complex or new in concept but as we all know, any help with reference, context and curation through the mad house that is our Twitter feeds, is always welcome and much appreciated.


My brain lives in data consumption chaos and it's hard to remember much let alone keep track of all of the great content than others shared with me in the past. PostPost has made it a little easier for scatter-brained individuals like myself.

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