PowerPage Podcast Episode 158 - Here come the wearables

In this episode Rob Parker and I discuss the emerging trend of wearable computers, including the Nike+ FuelBand and the Fitbit Ultra (among others) and we play "What's on your Mac?"
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

PowerPage Podcast 2012 logoPowerPage Podcastepisode 158 ("Here come the wearables") is now available for your listening pleasure:

In this episode Rob Parker and I discuss the emerging trend of wearable computers and we riff on the two leading devices: the Nike+ FuelBand and the Fitbit Ultra (among others). These are some of the wearables that we discuss on this episode:

  • Nike+ FuelBand ($149) - Wristband for monitoring steps and calories with Bluetooth sync to iOS app and my current favorite. Here's my review.
  • Fitbit Ultra ($99) - Clip format monitors activity, stairs, and sleep. Has automatic wireless sync if the cradle dock is plugged in via USB.
  • Motorola MOTOACTV ($249) - Wristwatch format with GPS, heart rate monitor, Bluetooth and music controls. Schwing!
  • Jawbone Up ($99) - Wristband format monitors activity and sleep. Rev. 1 didn't live up to expectations and is getting a reboot.
  • Pebble eWatch ($99) - Connects to iPhone and Android devices via Bluetooth and has an API. This $10 million+ Kickstarter project is completely sold out.
  • Supermechanical Twine ($99) - Web-connected module with temperature and vibration sensors tied to a cloud-based service. Will talk to Pebble eWatch.
  • Google Project Glass - Easily the most ambitious wearable, these glasses provide a full HUD interface to just about everything. Check out the video.
  • MotionX Sleep (free) - Promising iOS app with sleep monitoring.
  • Nike+ GPS ($2) - iOS app to map your runs and track your progress.
  • LoseIt (free) - iOS app that integrates with Fitbit sensor.

Here's what's on our Macs this week:


  • iRig MIX ($99) - Killer portable DJ mixer that travels light (10 oz.) and works with one or two iPhone, iPods or iPads. Stay tuned for my review.
  • TiVo (free) - iOS app that turns your iPad (or iPhone) into mission control for your TiVo.
  • TiVo Premier XL4 ($399) - From Weaknees with four (count 'em) tuners.


  • eBay for iPad 2.0 (free) - Amazing reboot of the iPad app, a must-have.
  • Witness ($39) - Turns your Mac’s camera into a security cam. View and control Witness from iOS devices.
  • DirecTV app for iPad (free) - Watch lots of programming (including some live TV) on your iPad. Check listings and program your DVR. (DirecTV required)

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