Pre-Copenhagen climate talks end in Barcelona

Copehagen is in one month. Talks in Barcelona produce verbal emissions.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

The talking is done. But not much else was done. "Stalemate" says an Indian pub. "Rich-poor stalemate" says a Britich paper.

On a pact to end deforestation in developing nations: "toothless" says Reuters.

And a pro-action Prime Minister in Australia vented his frustration on global warming inaction. He directly attacked global warming deniers as protectors of vested interests.

"They are a minority. They are powerful. And invariably they are driven by vested interests. Powerful enough to so far block domestic legislation in Australia, powerful enough to so far slow down the passage of legislation through the Congress of the United States. And ultimately, by limiting the ambition of national climate change commitments, they are powerful enough to threaten a deal on global climate change both in Copenhagen and beyond."

Those are the words of Aussie PM, Kevin Rudd. Now who could he have been talking about?

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