Profolio+ from ZAGG: Best keyboard case for the iPad

I have used many keyboards with the iPad and the newest one from ZAGG is the best of the lot.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

The iPad can be a little workhorse when used with a good keyboard, and there are many to choose from. I have tried many of the most popular ones and the newest model from the folks at ZAGG is the best I've tried so far.

When I saw the features of the ZAGG Profolio+ I had to buy one, even though I just bought the previous model from ZAGG a short time ago. The company claimed the new Profolio+ is thinner and lighter than previous models. It also sports a backlit keyboard, something few other models can claim.

My new ZAGG arrived yesterday and I can already state it is the best iPad keyboard I've ever used. In addition to being thinner and lighter than the previous ZAGG keyboard, it has improvements that address everything I wished was better on older models.

The Profolio+ is a folding case covered in black faux leather that has the keyboard on one side of the "book" and the iPad on the other. The keyboard is typical for its class with a top row of special keys for controlling common functions of the iPad. The backlighting is a welcome addition that is quite handy. Not only are there four settings for the backlighting (off, low, medium, and bright), but there are also seven different colors for the lighting. There is a new backlight key for switching intensity and when used with the left/right arrow keys, the keyboard rotates through the different colors.

In use
Backlighting activated

The new keyboard from ZAGG is functionally very similar to the previous model which I recently bought and reviewed.

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ZAGG comparison
Profolio+ (front), thinner than ZAGGfolio (rear)

The keyboard case has some notable improvements over the previous model:

  • Backlighting
  • Thinner, lighter
  • Easy iPad insertion/removal
  • Magnetic lid closure
  • Open/close the lid turns iPad on/off
  • Keyboard unit is integrated in the case
  • MicroUSB charging port is accessible at all times
  • Opening case for use is easier than ever
  • Battery level key with LED indicator that is always visible
Side profile

These improvements make the Profolio+ not only the best keyboard from ZAGG, but possibly the best one on the market. It's not cheap but it's a good case and a great keyboard to use with the iPad. There is a cheaper model available from ZAGG without the backlighting for the keyboard.

ZAGG Profolio+ -- $129.99

KB closeup
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