Proofpoint debuts e-mail reputation service

Dynamic Reputation is the latest entry into a field of next-generation e-mail security programs that assess senders' reliability.
Written by Caroline McCarthy, Contributor
E-mail security company Proofpoint announced Monday that it has introduced Dynamic Reputation, a service for testing the validity of e-mails to weed out threats like spam, directory harvest attacks, and distributed denial-of-service attacks. Like other recently introduced e-mail security products, Dynamic Reputation assesses the reputation of an e-mail's sender, grading it to determine whether it could be classified as spam.

Cupertino, Calif.-based Proofpoint hopes to set Dynamic Reputation apart from other reputation services with "a combination of local, predictive behavioral data and globally observed reputation" and "powerful machine learning algorithms," according to a company statement. Proofpoint said it promises quick response times with its one-minute refresh rate, the highest antispam accuracy around, and noticeable improvements in performance and efficiency. Companies can purchase the product starting at $3,750 per year.

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