Protect your devices with a $10 'USB Condom'

The USB Condom is a small and unobtrusive dongle that effectively turns any USB cable into a secure 'charge-only' cable to allow safe recharging from untrusted USB ports.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor
(Source: Xipiter)

When you connect your mobile devices to USB ports to get a much-needed recharge, do you worry about what else that USB port might be up to?

The USB port is a wonderful concept – after all, being able to transfer data and power through a single connection seems genius, but how do you know that your device isn't leaking your secrets in exchange for that power top-up?

If you're worried about juice-jacking, then this is the device for you – a $10 USB Condom designed and built by security R&D consultation firm Xipiter. This is a small and unobtrusive dongle that sits between your device and the untrusted USB port, allowing your device to be recharged without fear that your data will be stolen or your device infected with malware.

It works by electronically disabling the connector's data pins, which converts your USB cable into a charge-only cable, and thus prevents data from being transferred to or from your device.

All you have to do is pop the USB condom on the end of your charging cable, and you're ready for a recharge.

The USB Condom is available in three different flavors: Type A, Mini B, and Micro B connectors.

For $10, this seems like a must-have for road warriors and other folks who find themselves having to recharge their devices from untrusted USB ports.

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