You can now purchase a refurbished iPhone 6S directly from Apple

The company has updated its online refurbished store to include its most successful product, the iPhone, for the first time.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

If you've recently broken your iPhone and don't have insurance or AppleCare, you can save yourself some money and purchase a refurbished iPhone directly from Apple.

As MacRumors reported, Apple recently added iPhones to its refurbished storefront for the first time. In the past, Apple has used the same website to sell refurbished Macs, iPads, iPods, Apple TVs, and accessories.

The listings are currently limited to 16GB or 64GB iPhone 6S models, all of which are unlocked and will work on nearly any wireless carrier.

When purchasing a refurbished device instead of a new one, your overall savings depend on the model and storage.

Apple no longer sells a 16GB or 64GB model of either size iPhone 6S, making it tough to do direct price comparisons. However, you most certainly will save money by going the refurbished route if a 64GB phone will work for you.

For example, you can buy a refurbished iPhone 6S Plus with 64GB of storage for $589, or a new iPhone 6S Plus with 32GB of storage for $649.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a refurbished phone from Apple is the fact the company thoroughly tests each device and guarantees it with a full one-year warranty from the date you purchase it. Apple also replaces all outer shells and batteries on refurbished devices, which makes the device feel and function like a new phone would.

Purchasing a refurbished device from Apple may still be more expensive than buying a used phone off Craigslist or eBay, but at least you have the peace of mind in knowing it has been checked, repaired, and certified by Apple.

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