Purchased an AT&T iPad 2? Read this first to get a month of free data

AT&T is offering new iPad 2 owners a free month of data, but you need to make sure to first call them to take advantage of the offer before you sign up for a prepaid account.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

After buying my expensive iPad 2 I immediately went online via the wireless data connection and paid $25 for my first month's 2GB worth of data (prepaid). I then heard about the free month of data promotion that AT&T is offering for their new postpaid accounts and just hung up after a long call with customer service. I am pretty disappointed with the way that AT&T is handling this and think it needs to be clearer to customers what the difference is between the prepaid and postpaid options. I also wanted to let readers know how to get this free month before you blow it like I did.

If you already signed up for data on your new iPad, then you are basically out of luck unless the promotion is avaiable next month or when you run out of the 2GB data allowance. You see, since I already paid for my first month/2GB and set myself up as a prepaid customer they would have to cancel that prepaid account and give me the free one, but I would lose the $25 that I already paid and only gain an amount of data that I used before I made the call. According to the iPad data account manager, I have only used about 100MB so far so it isn't really worth it to take advantage of the free promotion right now.

I plan to go ahead and use my 3G extensively and see how far I can get over the next couple of weeks and will then call the phone number back again (888-237-5888) to see if the promotion is still being offered and get myself setup as a postpaid account holder. Neither option has a long-term contract commitment, but the postpaid account has a slightly cheaper overage fee. Given that iPad 2 devices are sold out nearly everywhere and the online ordering system is backed up about a month I hope AT&T extends the promotion out a bit.

The good news for you folks that have yet to get your AT&T 3G iPad 2 is that you now know you can take advantage of this promotion before you sign up on your iPad. Simply call the number above and get your free month activated.

AT&T should have had something in the box, a sticker on the box, or a way in the initial account sign-up dialog to offer you the free promotion. It is only a $25 offer so it isn't anything that important to get all spun up about, but if you don't yet have your iPad 2 make sure to make the call and take advantage of the offer when yours does arrive.

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