Pure Storage extends public cloud block storage to Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft partnership adds to Pure’s existing deal with Amazon AWS.
Written by Tiernan Ray, Senior Contributing Writer

Storage technology pioneer Pure Storage this morning said its software for managing public cloud block storage is available on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service, adding to Pure's existing offering for Amazon AWS. 

Pure has defined itself as a company that can handle the multi-cloud needs to customers. 

Customers can use the software, called Pure Cloud Block Store, for tasks such as replicating data from an on-premise storage array to cloud storage services, as well as creating clones of data volumes. 

Pure touts the money saved by reducing management complexity to organize individual data volumes, and also money saved by being able to reduce the total cloud storage used.

Cloud-native customers can see meaningful cost savings through Pure's industry leading data reduction capabilities and via reduced management overhead typically associated with cloud-native block storage by eliminating the need to manage IOPS, bandwidth and capacity of individual volumes. Its industry-leading data efficiency means customers can buy less capacity in the cloud without compromising on enterprise storage features and flexibility.

Pure began life in 2009 selling dedicated flash memory-based storage arrays, called FlashArray. The company has steadily rolled out subscription software offerings that provide a mix of on-premise equipment, private and hybrid cloud deployments, and some software-only services. 

Pure Storage's CEO, Charles Giancarlo, has said the company's aims to make its Portworx software, which it picked up with the acquisition of the startup of that name last October, into an industry standard for building cloud-native storage. 

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