Pure Storage launches AI Data Hub, builds out AI workflow effort

The storage company said it co-developed the AI Data Hub with Nvidia to break down the data silos that hamper analytics and model development.

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Pure Storage launched a bevy of artificial intelligence tools, including the AI Data Hub, which are designed to meld storage and AI workflows from design to deployment.

The storage company said it co-developed the AI Data Hub with Nvidia to break down the data silos that hamper analytics and model development.

Storage vendors have been increasingly focused on AI workloads and managing data workflows instead of just storing it. Pure has been using its AI-Ready Infrastructure (AIRI) and expertise in solid-state storage via its Flashblade infrastructure to grab next-gen workloads.

Recent developments include:

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Amy Fowler, VP of strategy and solutions at Pure Storage, said enterprises have struggled with AI workflows and data pipelines because there are different workload profiles, data sizes cand access types.

"We've got data warehouses and data lakes and streaming analytics and a software development platform," she said. "Today, it's usually architected in multiple different dedicated silos. And there's a lot of downside to that for customers as it relates to environmentals, like power, space, cooling, the management of a bunch of bespoke systems, as well as it drives a lot of copying of data between systems so that they can end up with the aggregated set of data."

What customers have needed she said, is "a single data hub platform that could deliver the multi-dimensional performance to address all of these diverse needs at the same time."

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Specifically, the AI Data Hub is designed to integrate ingestion and inference via Kubernetes orchestration. The three parts of the AI Data Hub include design tools with RAPIDS and PureTools, development with AIRI and FlashStack for AI and T4 for model deployment.

In addition, Pure Storage said its AIRI platform is available as a service through managed service partners such as Core Scientific.

Separately, Pure Storage announced additions to its Cloud Data Services portfolio to widen its reach with public cloud providers. Pure Storage launched Cloud Block Store for AWS as well as backup storage with Microsoft Azure via Purity CloudSnap.

Stephanie Condon contributed to this report.