QAD helps maufacturers make ebusiness transformation

Find out how QAD's industry specific approach has helped it capture the #3 position in the ERP market.
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SINGAPORE - QAD, developer of e-business solutions supported by best-in-class ERP applications, announced that its industry specific approach has helped it capture the #3 position in the ERP market for its targeted verticals and strongly positions it to help manufacturers make the e-business transformation with QAD eQ B2B applications.

According to a report by AMR Research, an organization tracking the ERP and e-business software industries, QAD had the third highest ERP license revenues for 1999 in the automotive, electronics, food & beverage and industrial manufacturing markets, essentially doubling its market share in these areas. QAD moved ahead of Oracle into the #2 position in the Pharmaceuticals/Biotech market, the report showed.

"This research data confirms what we've known for many years: Given a choice, manufacturers and distributors will select best-in-class applications designed to address the specific needs of their industries," said QAD President Pam Lopker. "We're using the same approach with our QAD eQ B2B applications and as a result, companies like AT&T Wireless have chosen QAD for e-business."

Though traditionally regarded as an enterprise software developer, QAD was one of the first companies to recognize the need for e-business functionality to centralize key customer and supplier functions across diverse and distributed global businesses. QAD eQ B2B applications take the approach still further to support the complex, multi-company relationships that exist within a business as well as the relationships within and between customers, suppliers, and extended business partners.

According to The AMR Research Report on E-Business Technologies, from Rod Johnson & Pierre Mitchell, "At the heart of eQ is the B2B Relationship Framework, which provides the many-to-many relationship support that has previously only been offered by e-commerce trading exchange vendors. This capability alone uniquely positions QAD as an ERP-vendor-turned-B2B-exchange-vendor--with the possible exception of Oracle Corporation, whose Oracle Exchange itself is a work in process."

The QAD eQ B2B suite of applications consists of Buy-Side and Sell-Side Management with Replenishment and Exchange capability. Its advanced B2B Relationship Management executes transactions based on the agreements and preferences of key parties making up the supply chain. This enables companies to leave daily decisions to business policies, which can be defined in QAD eQ.

AMR Research has the largest research team dedicated to the enterprise and supply chain applications markets. Its senior research analysts have an average of 15-20 years of experience in business and IT resulting in a deep understanding of IT's role within specific industries.

About QAD

Founded in 1979, QAD is a provider of industry-specific e-business software and services to multinational manufacturers and distributors of all sizes, with special focus on the mid-market. Available in 26 languages and able to support multiple currencies, QAD software helps speed business processes for more than 300,000 licensed users at more than 4,000 licensed sites in more than 80 countries. QAD software is specifically designed for global manufacturers in the following targeted industries: automotive, consumer products, electronics, food and beverage, industrial, and medical products.

QAD Asia Pacific was established in 1990. Today there are 14 offices in nine Asia Pacific countries serving more than 750 customer sites. QAD's corporate headquarters is located in Carpinteria, California.

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