Qik brings new application to Google Android, including EVO 4G video chat

Qik has applications for various platforms and today launched their Android app that supports live video chatting on the Sprint HTC EVO 4G. The application is free with a premium video chat option launching in July for $4.99 per month.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I just returned from vacation a few hours ago, but am heading to the Sprint store in a couple more to pick up my own HTC EVO 4G device. One of the new features on the EVO 4G is the ability for video chat and this capability is powered by the new Qik software for the Sprint HTC EVO 4G that is available now in the Android Market. Check out the video below to see a sample conference call/video chat taking place on the HTC EVO 4G. The new version of Qik also supports Video Mail, My Videos, and the ability to live stream video and all of these additional functions are supported on other Google Android devices. You will need a Sprint HTC EVO 4G for video chat and this app is specifically labeled for the EVO 4G in the Android Market.

Video chat

Video chat is the new app just for the EVO 4G that lets you chat via video from your phone. The other person needs to have a supported Qik client on their smartphone and at this time that means another EVO 4G, but I imagine that will soon expand to other phones like the rumored next generation iPhone with a front facing camera. If you call someone who does not have a supported device then they receive an SMS with a link to watch the video live on their mobile browser.

You can toggle between the front and back camera and every video is archived automatically as a private video on your Qik account so you can later access you conversations.

This new functionality does come with a price of $4.99/month. Video chat is FREE for both the Standard and Premium subscribers, but for $4.99/month you do get higher resolution video support along with a few other features mentioned below. From now until 15 July you will be able to use this for free so you can try it on your EVO 4G to see if you end up using it and want to pay the $4.99 monthly fee. This will be their new Premium service and as you can see in the chart the premium plan also allows you to record with video quality higher than 640x480, gives you unlimited video archiving, lets you snap photos while recording (coming soon), and lets you send an unlimited number of Video Mail messages.

Video Mail

You can record a video with the new Qik application and then send to another person for viewing. If they have Qik on their device it will appear in their inbox and activity feed. If they are not a Qik user, they will receive a SMS with a link to the video, just like in video chat.

Live video streaming

Qik has been around on other devices for a couple of years and this new application brings Qik to the Android platform with support for live video streaming. You can record video and share it via social networks, video site, and blogs. You have to option of streaming live or uploading at a later time too.

My Videos

The Qik application now has a My Videos section so you can view local videos you capture and other videos in your Qik account that you have already uploaded.

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