Qualcomm buys Qualphone for $18m

What's in a name?
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

What's in a name?

Mobile chipset and IP giant Qualcomm has announced it is snapping up Qualphone for $18m to help boost its 3G efforts.

US-based company Qualphone has credentials in IMS (IP multimedia subsystems) embedded client software and interoperability testing services.

According to Qualcomm, buying Qualphone will help it get feature phones into the hands of Europeans more quickly.

The acquisition is expected to close later this month.

The Qualphone acquisition marks the latest in a long line of scalps Qualcomm has claimed, including a $170m deal for Iridigm and a takeover of Trigenix for $36m in 2004, followed by a $600m buyout of Flash OFDM company Flarion last year.

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